Why Berserker Brew is Different

What Makes BerserkerBrew So Special?


Mission: We have created the best tasting coffee for Athletes and lovers of coffee. This is high quality coffee for high quality living.

It's so good, you don’t have to add additional calories, chemicals or sugars to it. It has a jolt to motivate but a reduced acidity that allows enjoying it all day.

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But ultimately, it is all about the coffee:

Coffee is a simple pleasure. If you have to flavor it or sweeten it to enjoy it, then you are not getting the flavor of superior coffee!! With enough Hazelnut, we could make pine needle soup taste good! BerserkerBrew First Attack is just plain superior fair trade organic coffee that tastes so good athletes who don’t want extra “stuff” in their diets, yes even on cheat days.

Berserker Brew is the coffee of the revolutionary. It is the coffee of intellectual discourse and of the INDIVIDUAL! In the face of the world trying to make everyone the same, we have created a coffee that celebrates the YOU in YOU. BE DIFFERENT. Berserkers have no fear and no need to be just like everyone else.

A cup of First Attack is made from a secret blend of USDA certified organic beans.  Our beans are responsibly sourced, certified fair trade and certified Kosher as well. Each source of beans delivers a impact on the aroma, the taste, and the lasting impression of each BerserkerBrew.com coffee experience.

Why BerserkerBrew First Attack is for YOU:


BerserkerBrew as part of the athletic lifestyle: Modern tastebuds are abused by sugar bombardment in almost every packaged food. A cup of First Attack is so good, you will not need to add sugar, fat, or flavoring to enjoy it.

The caffeine rush in a cup of BerserkerBrew will get you going. Modern Olympic athletes jack up on coffee. DO YOU EVEN LIFT? If you do, you know that pre-workout is caffeine times 1000. Drink BerserkerBrew and feel the surge of great tasting POWER all day long

Caffeine is a performance enhancing drug. It masks pain. It elevates circulation. Drink BerserkerBrew First Attack and feel the difference.


You don’t need beans crapped out of a animal to have superior coffee but it does help to put the correct amount in your coffee brewing machine.



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