How is this Coffee So Good?

How Is This Coffee So Good? First Attack is the result of hard work with the goal of making a blended coffee so good, its best enjoyed black. Different beans from different countries give the coffee its full aroma, emboldened smooth taste and delivers with a low acidity that makes it drinkable all day!

Now we aren’t giving up the secret blend of how this coffee is engineered for athletes. Each bag of FIRST ATTACK is ONE POUND of ORGANIC coffee from fair trade farms in:

Papua New Guinea

Coffee from PNG represents 1% of the world’s total coffee production! Coffee grown here is not in lineage with colonial coffee production. Most coffee is grown in “coffee gardens”, some with less than 30 trees per plot. Due to the nature of the cultivation and industrial impact, this coffee is mostly certified as “organic coffee.”


Sumatran coffee is wet hulled. That’s Giling Bashan in the local language. Wet hulling allows the beans to retain moisture longer. That makes sense since Sumatra is a freakin jungle!! Sumatran coffee offers low acidity and aromas that are earthy and complex. This is coffee that is grown next to mushrooms and not on a global corporate plantation!!


The Tim Tim hybridization of Robusta and Aribica plants makes beans from Timor special. These beans bring the additional jolt of Robusta caffeine and the smoothness of Arabica. Coffee blending is an art and a science and here at, we are committed to engineering the best coffees for  athletes in the world. 

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