Frequently asked questions

We love to hear from our customers. Here are some of the questions we get asked all the time. If your question is not in this list, please shoot us an email and we'll get you an answer asap!

  • Can i buy it immediately?


    BerserkerBrew is available now.  Just add as many bags as you want to your cart, checkout & we will ship it to you using which ever shipping option you choose.  Go Berserk!

  • Why can you only buy whole bean?

    The clock on coffee starts as soon as it is picked. The quality of the experience can ONLY be guaranteed if the Berserker drinks it by the grind.

    This is true of all coffees. If you are new to grinding coffee, we challenge you to increase your enjoyment of coffee by grinding just before brewing.

  • Why is Berserker Brew the best coffee I can buy?

    A cup of BerserkerBrew First Attack is made from a secret blend of 100% organic beans. Each source of beans delivers a impact on the aroma, the taste, and the lasting impression of each Berserker Experience.

  • Why is there only 1 option?

    The viking Berserkers were simple in their goals. Our goal here at BerserkerBrew.com was to create a coffee that had great aroma, full body, low acidity, and very little after taste. BerserkerBrew First Attack accomplished ALL of these goals.

  • Why is this coffee any better than what I drink today?

    Berserker Brew as part of the athletic lifestyle: Modern tastebuds are abused by sugar bombardment in almost every packaged food. A cup of Berserker is so good, you will not need to add sugar, fat, or flavoring to enjoy it.

    The caffeine rush in a cup of Berserker will get you going. Modern Olympic athletes jack up on coffee. DO YOU EVEN LIFT? If you do, you know that pre-workout is caffeine times 1000. Drink BerserkerBrew and feel the surge of great tasting POWER all day long

    Caffeine is a performance enhancing drug. It masks pain. It elevates circulation. Drink BerserkerBrew First Attack and feel the difference.

    BerserkerBrew First Attack has been crafted with long term drinkability in mind. The special blend has been crafted to have low acidity to reduce stress on the body. Some people stop drinking coffee due to heart burn or stomach upset. Try BerserkerBrew First Attack and we fully expect you to be able to enjoy it all day.