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Berserker Brew First Attack is the BEST coffee for Athletes.


The Coffee Dehydration myth: One of the greatest barriers to performance success is dehydration. Dehydration impacts endurance and causes joint pain. Most people believe coffee is a diuretic and thus don’t drink coffee before working out or racing.

Well the truth will set you free, FREE to be awesome!! In 2005, the Department of Defense did a study on soldiers in Iraq. (Armstrong, In't J Sports Nutr, June 2005). Coffee does not increase body water loss and caffeine both in small doses and large doses do not change urination needs over a controlled 24 hour period. The water in the coffee makes a person need to urinate like water!

Imagine getting ready for a race or game and you were offered a drink that provided the following:

increases focus
Increases blood flow
Decrease pain
0 calories
0 grams of sugar
0 grams of fat

All BerserkerBrew coffees are engineered for the athlete. The taste is satisfying and smooth and people who are life long coffee drinkers who “need sugar” or “need just a little milk to cut the bitterness” love to DRINK THIS COFFEE BLACK. Please see our testimonial page to hear from satisfied customers who have converted to BerderkerBrew to get rid of the additional calories, additional sugar and fat.

Enjoy coffee the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Workout, perform, and enjoy coffee before during and after!


BerserkerBrew First Attack is ideal for athletes. Today, you have the choice of sports drinks, protein drinks, superfood drinks..well you get the picture. Where does coffee fit in with all of this? The staff at believe that there are two reasons that you need to make our product part of your daily life.

1. You are probably drinking coffee already!! Before your golf game, tennis match, Obstacle Course Race (our favorite here at, 5K, or most every athletic endeavor, you drink coffee. Coffee is not just a liquid. It is part of your day. It is part of your training whether or not you know it or not. So since you are drinking coffee already, why not drink a coffee that is so good it should be enjoyed without sugar, sugar substitutes, sugar substitute substitutes, etc. Furthermore, if you are adding flavor STOP!!! YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE. This coffee DOES NOT NEED a thing. You can go BERZERK with our coffee and get rid of the additional ingredients in your diet. Here is what’s in Hazelnut non dairy creamer: cane SUGAR, palm oil, sodium caseinate, dipotassium phosphate, natural and artificial flavors, mono and diglycerides, sodium stearoyl, Lactylate, polysorbate 60, Carrageenan, SALT. KEEP it SIMPLE: Drink natural “GO PILLAGE” coffee.

2. According to “5 Benefits of Coffee for Athletes”, Coffee reduces pain during exercise, reduces pain after exercise, helps you refuel, delays exhaustion, and can help cut your flab. Coffee helps in that fifth set, getting that last rep, and allows you to recover for the next event. BerserkerBrew First Attack is good HOT or COLD. Check out our recipe page for great ideas on how to Go BERSERK before, during, or after you ransack and pillage. Athletes control Sugar and Fat. It is simple as that. Why not drink a coffee that requires nothing added to enjoy. It defeats the hard work at the gym if your daily coffee experience consists of empty calories and sugar. We aren’t saying anything but did you know that a Caramel Macchiato (16 oz) has 32 grams of sugar? Go into your kitchen and get a tablespoon out and fill it just over 2 times!! That’s alot of sugar.  Eat clean today. “GO PILLAGE

The final design is also dependent on the

BREWING INSTRUCTIONS found by clicking here.

You don’t need beans crapped out of a animal to have superior coffee but it does help to put the correct amount in your coffee brewing machine.

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