Berserker Brewing Instructions

Berserker Brewing Instructions

So, how do you brew the perfect cup of Berserker Brew First Attack?
Read on, fellow berserker and you will learn how based on your coffee maker.

Drip style Coffee maker

Coffee snobs may turn up their nose at the ubiquitous drip machine, but Berserkers don’t hate! Berserkers can enjoy coffee brewed this way and its simple. For each 6 ounces of water in your carafe, add 1-2 tablespoons BerserkerBrew coffee. If you really want to know a secret about coffee: ITS THE WATER, NOT THE BREWING DEVICE. We recommend using filtered water to removed the chemicals added. Spring water is even better. We even tried using what Europeans call “gas water.” Do NOT try this at home. Just trust us……Also, please clean your device with white vinegar once a week.

The KEY to getting great coffee from a drip machine is getting FRESH BEANS. This type of brewing doesn’t allow you a lot of ways to control the flavor so using fresh beans is the BEST way to enjoy coffee with a drip machine. THAT’S WHY WE ONLY SELL WHOLE BEANS. Once you grind coffee, the clock for flavor, aroma, and overall experience SPEEDS up!!

French Press

Viking Berserkers led by Ragnor ransacked and pillaged Paris in 845 CE. Thought coffee was not part of the French lifestyle then, modern Berserkers can enjoy our coffee with a french press easily and conquer France each morning!!

The French Press allows you to control the brewing process. Grind size, water temperature, and Brew time all impact the coffee experience and you are in control of all three elements. Here at, we recommend the following: 1)Increase the size the grind to Coarse. This reduces the amount of particulates that end up in the coffee. The size of the grind should look like coarse salt. 2) Use 5 tablespoons of coffee per liter of water (33 ounces), 3) Boil Filtered water and let it sit for 60 seconds. Boiling water scalds coffee and makes it bitter. Here comes the most important part: use your clock app or an egg timer and once you add the water to the French Press, start the clock. Give your coffee and water a stir at 45 seconds to “wet” the coffee. Finally let the coffee come together for 7 minutes. Viva la France!!


Fast, simple and it produces a great cup of coffee! With this gadget, you can get a awesome cup of coffee in a fraction of the time once the water is hot. Speaking of water, the temp is again important. let the water cool after boiling for 1 minutes with a target of 193 degrees. Your AeroPress will come with a coffee scoop and use 2 of these scoops of beans (about 4 tablespoons) and grind until fine. Add the paper filter to AeroPress when assembling as instructed. Put the AeroPress on top of your cup and make the paper filter wet with drops of hot water. Add the coffee using the funnel what comes in the AeroPress kit. Add the cooled water until it reaches the line on the AeroPress. Stir once. Insert the plunger and press firmly down until you hear a satisfying hissing sound of victory. Taste and dilute. It makes very concentrated coffee so you can add water at this point to make two cups instead of one.


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