Berserker Brew Testimonials

Here's what our fellow Berserkers have to say: experience. I am a coffee drinker. I start everyday with a cup of coffee and usually drink several cups a day. The problem is I have had to add sweetners and/or flavored creamers to enjoy my cup.

My coffee enjoyment had turned into an expensive daily sugar or chocolate fix. Then a friend introduced me to BerserkerBrew. This is real fresh coffee. Its naturally smooth and not bitter at all.

I don't need to add anything. i just get to enjoy the real coffee flavor. I'm drinking it black and can enjoy several cups a day without getting that heartburn feeling. Great coffee!!

Steve, Louisville  KY



Great blend! From the time the package was opened to the very last sip the aroma was intense and pleasurable. The low acidity and smooth taste allow you to drink a cup (or 3) without doctoring it up.

I've never drank coffee black until now. Thank you Bland's Blend for saving my hundreds of calories per day on cream and sugar.
Katelyn T., Myrtle Beach, SC


“I normally put cream and sugar in coffee. This coffee is so good I don’t have to doctor it.”

Jeff, Louisville KY


“This is coffee crack. It is good all day and a couple of cups before the gym gets my head ready to go.”