About Berserker Brew

Why BerserkerBrew Coffee...you ask?

This is the coffee engineered for athletes! Its engineered for ransackers of industry! Its engineered for the pillager of the school drop off line! No need for adding sugar. No need for adding fat or chemicals. This coffee is the perfect daily compliment to the fit and healthy lifestyle.

BerserkerBrew Coffees are a blend of 100% USDA Certified Organic Coffee. Only 6 percent of the WORLD’s best coffee are organic. BerserkerBrew First Attack is 100% certified Fair Trade. Its also one of the few certified Kosher coffees you will find. Bottom line, this coffee is the top of the line coffee for your experience.

First Attack” is our first offering and we know you will enjoy it. it is a proprietary blend of beans from small farms in fours different climates and soil conditions. This blend provides a great aroma, smooth flavor, a bold jolt, and has such low acidity, you will want to drink all day.

Berserker Brew will only sell you whole beans. This is the only way we can guarantee you are getting the FRESHEST coffee.

The viking Berserker was the first off the boat and first into battle. We blended and roasted a coffee for you modern day Berserkers who laugh at fear!

The Berserker Brew Tribe stands behind the product and we want you to contact the UberChief (vikings don’t do CEOs) and tell him about your experience.

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