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Berserker Brew History

Who is a Berserker? Audacious. Ferocious. Willing to live LARGE. The viking “Berserker” was the champion who refused to feel fear. The English monks described the Nordic warriors as well “SCARY as HELL. In the Eddas, the word “ber-serkr” meant warriors who fought either BEAR chested as in wearing bear pelts or BARE chested as in they went into battle with NO shirt up against English soldiers wearing armor!! BerserkerBrew.com brings you a coffee for this very attitude! Its the OFFICIAL COFFEE OF RANSACKING AND PILLAGING!!


Why are we doing this: BerserkerBrew Coffee is engineered for athletes. BerserkerBrew is the coffee of the revolutionary. It is the coffee of the Wall Street wolf. It is the coffee of the mom who kicks butt taking care of career, home, and family. It is the coffee of intellectual discourse and of the INDIVIDUAL! In the face of the world trying to make everyone the same, we have created a coffee that celebrates the YOU in YOU. BE DIFFERENT. Berserkers have no fear and no need to be just like everyone else.


Coffee is a simple pleasure. If you have to flavor it or sweeten it to enjoy it, then you are not getting the flavor of superior coffee!! With enough Hazelnut, we could make pine needle soup taste good! BerserkerBrew First Attack is just plain superior fair trade organic coffee that tastes so good athletes who don’t want extra “stuff” in their diets, yes even on cheat days.

The UberChief of BerserkerBrew.com knows that coffee is important. He has traveled the world and coffee has been right there with him at the most important times. Make BerserkerBrew coffee part of your life, share stories on our Facebook page, and keep coming back to our site for tips, events, and discounts!

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The final design is also dependent on the BREWING INSTRUCTIONS found by clicking here. You don’t need beans crapped out of a animal to have superior coffee but it does help to put the correct amount in your coffee brewing machine.


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